Inspiration Through Action

Star Media Group has a long history of being part of the community. We take pride in all our achievements but we have not forgotten the greatest contributors to our success, our readers. The never-ending support from the people has helped us to be who we are today. As a Group, we strive to give back to the community through a series of social initiatives, championing the causes we believe in.


Star Education Fund

The Star Education Fund was incepted in 1994 to provide opportunities for deserving students to pursue higher education by way of scholarships or sponsorships. For close to 20 years, The Star Education Fund has helped thousands of students achieve their goal of furthering their education with the hopes of realising their dreams and aspirations. Through this, we hope to inspire youth to always aim high with their dreams and to not let challenges and obstacles hinder their progress.


Star Foundation

As part of Star Media Group’s dedication and commitment to extending assistance to those in need, we established a charitable arm called Star Foundation. Incorporated on Sept 20, 2004, the foundation aims to raise, receive and administer funds for charitable, social and research purposes. Since its inception, Star Foundation has helped many charitable organisations lessen their financial burden and commitments.

Amongst others, charities that Star Foundation have collaborated with include HOSPIS Malaysia, MERCY Malaysia, Penyayang, MyKasih Foundation, Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) and many more.

Should you wish to donate to Star Foundation or have inquiries, kindly contact Star Foundation at 03 7967 1388.