The Medical Fund is aimed at supporting underprivileged individuals suffering from chronic illnesses by sponsoring one off medical treatment and care. Cases will likely revolve around those needing urgent care / medical treatment and whose treatments come at a very high cost.

Requirement/ Eligibility for Application

  1. Malaysian citizen aged 21 and below.
  2. Patient is not receiving financial support via other means i.e. insurance/other Foundations/NGOs/Government.
  3. Medical procedure must be conducted in Malaysia.
  4. A medical report must accompany the application together with the recommended medical treatment and cost.
  5. Applicant/patient must be able to substantiate claim of insufficient funds by disclosing proof of income and expenses.
  6. Applicant/patient and immediate family members must be willing to have their plight highlighted in the public domain for fundraising purposes.

To apply for the Medical Fund

Please submit your application using the
Be sure that you have all the necessary supporting documents to attach to the online application form before submitting.