Each year, Star Golden Hearts Award honours ten deserving Malaysian unsung heroes. Here is a list of winners since the Award’s inception in 2015.

1. Sujana Mohd Rejab

( Star-Gamuda Inspiration Award 2019 Winner )

For enabling physically impaired individuals to have equal privileges and access to a quality life with dignity

2. Dr Tan Ching Seong

For promoting the adoption of an eco-friendly lifestyle with an innovative rewards-based recycling initiatives

3. Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY)

For championing sustainable ecotourism and promoting greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture

4. Hopes Malaysia

For helping rural communities restore access to clean water supply and introduce sustainable agricultural programmes with villagers

5. Langit Collective

For improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in rural communities by promoting their unique and heirloom agricultural produce to larger markets

6. Mohd Faisal Abdu’r-Rani

For championing environmental sustainability by promoting a zero-waste lifestyle, regular city clean-ups, and adoption of the eco-bricks movement

7. Samuel Isaiah

For going above and beyond as a school teacher to make education an effective and fun learning experience for Orang Asli students

8. Stevens Chan Kum Fai

For empowering people with visual impairments through meaningful job placements and raising awareness to facilitate social inclusion of the marginalised

9. Yunizam Yusop

For his selfless service in providing free funeral and hospital transportation services for the marginalised community in Sandakan

10. Zulkernai Fauzi

For ensuring vulnerable children in Chow Kit receive proper education for a better future

1. UmieAktif

( Star-Gamuda Inspiration Award Winner )

Empowers underprivileged mothers in Chow Kit through sewing and crafting skills

2. Dentistry for the Needy

Provides free dental treatment for Orang Asli and the homeless

3. Suri Inspirasi

Empowers single mothers by providing training in sewing and upcycling denim

4. Suka Society

Provides English language training for Orang Asli teachers in villages

5. Friends of Bukit Gasing

Conserves Bukit Gasing forest through community activities

6. Masala Wheels

Empowers at-risk youth through food and beverage entrepreneurial initiatives

7. Efinity Social Enterprise

Provides marginalised communities access to clean drinking water using a self-invented water filter

8. Cancerfly Networks

Provides employment and business opportunities for cancer survivors

9. The Tuyang Initiative

Works with Dayak communities in Sarawak to promote cultural-heritage

10. Sia Siew Chin

Empowers the disabled community to help them live independently

1. Barefoot Mercy

( Star-Gamuda Inspiration Award Winner )

Brings light and builds schools in rural Sarawak

2. Kon Onn Sein

Set up an organic farm to generate income for the Orang Asli

3. Tan Yee Mei (Jazz)

Founder of YouthsToday.com, an online engagement platform for youth

4. Kuan Chee Heng

The “10 sen man” who helps the poor through various initiatives

5. Sashitharaan A/L Maraighanasambanthan

Provides free shuttle service to senior citizens

6. Isak Ngau

Organises skills training for blind masseurs

7. Ghanasuntharavalli Sathasivam

Retired nurse providing free foot care services to diabetic patients

8. SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project

Empowers illiterate grandmothers from remote Sabah through solar training programmes

9. Anja Juliah Abu Bakar

Provides menstrual hygiene education and washable sanitary pads to Orang Asli girls

10. Oon Thoo Seen

Saved an injured woman from her mangled car before it went up in flames

1. Dr Rusaslina Binti Idrus

( Star-Gamuda Inspiration Award Winner )

Set up ‘Kedai Jalanan’, a pop-up store to clothe the homeless with dignity

2. Tan Chin Leong

Tow truck driver who saves lives on the Penang bridge

3. Saari Mohd Nor & Low Kock Seong

Fishermen who rescued survivors from a plane crash

4. Mohd Yusuf Bin Rohani

Cares for a friend who is a double amputee

5. Rishiwant Singh Randhawa

An active humanitarian who helps those in need

6. Khairuddin Bin Abd Aziz

Rockstar who combats drug abuse through music

7. Jerryson Abraham Gnanaraj Doss & Edna Sung Burongoh

Founded the ‘Viva Starfish Project’ for recruitment of the homeless

8. Shalini Yeap May Hwa & Alfred Samuel A/L Mariyaras

Founders of Teddy Mobile Clinic to provide medical checkups for the homeless

9. Kong Lan Lee

Works with special needs children

10. Marie Christine Robert

Donated part of her liver to her teacher

1. Shirin Aziha Shahidan

Helped and cared for an elderly man with elephantiasis

2. Mount Kinabalu Guides Association

Rescued stranded climbers during the Sabah earthquake

3. R. Rajagopal

Gave up a room in his house for a homeless friend for more than ten years

4. Shirley Lee, Farhana Mohd Fadzli, Wee Tai May & Wong Hui Yu

Teenagers who helped a woman deliver her baby outside a shopping mall

5. Abdul Muhsi Ramlan

Saved the life of a road accident victim

6. Dr S. Madhusudhan

Provides free medical services to the urban poor

7. Alina Amir, David Chak, Felicia Yoon & Daniel Russel

Founded Arus Academy to teach coding and programming to teenagers

8. Siti Zabedah Kasim

Lawyer and activist who champions Orang Asli rights

9. Mastura M. Rashid

Helps alleviate poverty through her ‘Nasi Lemak Project’ initiative