Content Development

Working under the Content Development department at Star Media Group for the past 3 months turned out to be an incredibly valuable experience, and one that I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to dip their fingers in the media world. Having never really had any working experience, I was seeking for an internship opportunity that would benefit me in my future career. Being a Broadcasting student at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, this opportunity at Star seemed like a perfect fit.

With zero knowledge in the journalism field, I was incredibly nervous when I was required to write my first script for StarTv. However, it was for this very reason that this internship is more useful compared to the others that I have researched. It gives its interns a chance to experience real responsibilities unlike other typical internship which requires you to file, photocopy and send out mails. From writing scripts to covering exciting events, this internship is a good exposure and eye-opener for future young adults who are aspiring to be journalists. Although I was feeling nervous in the beginning, I certainly got used to it and I was enjoying my time here. Moreover, I was given such positive reinforcement from everyone here including my mentor, which made my experience at Star Media Group even better.

I wouldn’t trade this experience in for anything. I can truly say that I have learnt more throughout my internship at Star Media Group then at Taylor’s.

To the future interns, take advantage of your time here and you’ll get as much out of this internship as you are willing to put in. Have fun!


Jevitha Muthusamy

“Okay, I need you to write an article of about 500 words and I need it by tomorrow,” said Ian Yee, Editor of R.AGE on my first day as an intern.
Little did I know that that would be the start of an amazing 3 months here at Star Media Group Berhad, specifically R.AGE.

If someone told me I had to sum up my experience here in one word, I’d say “stressful”.

Yes, there’s no doubt that working, or rather, interning at an English national news agency would be easy. It’s far from that, actually.

Here I’ve been tasked with conducting interviews, writing articles – sometimes at the very last minute, and speaking to various people, to ensure that the quality of what’s produced in the newspaper is like no other.
But here’s the fun part – the experience. With all these “tedious” tasks, I’ve been able to improve my social, writing and teamwork skills, and a stronger love for journalism has been drilled into me.

Being in the shoes of a journalist, I have gained insight to so many things which some people could only dream of, and there’s definitely no other feeling like it.
Why? It’s because here at R.AGE, they fight for things they believe in. It’s because of that fighting spirit that I’ve developed the want to be a journalist. Not just any journalist, but one who makes a change in society.

I will continue to use the values I’ve learnt at R.AGE throughout the rest of my life, as they’ve prepared me to take on challenges in a proactive manner.

If you’re considering an internship at Star Media Group, I suggest you stop thinking & apply now, because it will be the best decision of your life. You’ll get hands-on experience in a field related to your study, and you’ll be guided every step of the way by amazing, like-minded people.


Carlos Ruben Dourado, 22
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English Language
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kampar, Perak