Editorial Department

IRSYADI ISMAIL TESTIMONIAL PICTURE (1)I am Mohd Irsyadi Bin Ismail and a third year student of Universiti Technologi MARA in Shah Alam, Selangor. I studied Bachelor of Creative Photo Media (Hons.) I joined Star Media Group as an intern in January 2016. I gained a lot of knowledge in the Editorial department, mainly in the Photo section.

I would like to thank the editor and colleagues (senior photographers) who taught and shared their knowledge & experience especially on photography techniques & skills and how to take good pictures as well.

During my internship with Star Media Group, I was given various assignment by the desk which covered many areas such as news, sports, food review, entertainment, business, Mstar and Kuntum Magazine.

The most extreme assignment for me was an assignment by the news desk which I have to work together with other photographers and videographers in order to get a better pictures.

We were taught to cooperate with the journalists to ensure the pictures they need really meets the requirement of the story. The details about the picture such as moments & angles are very important and to be considered carefully before we can deposit it into the system for the reporter to choose a good picture.

Last but not least, I’m grateful and proud to be one of the interns in this company


Irsyadi Iismail

Teoh Xiu JongGood morning and hi. I’m Teoh from The Star newspaper. I’m wondering if I can get comments from your side regarding…”

That, is the standard line used throughout my internship programme with The Star’s Editorial Department – Newsdesk from February 1, 2016 to April 30, 2016.

The way I start a conversation on the phone and when I send out emails have become a part of my working routine here but the experiences gained and stories written have always end up vastly different.

In my humble opinion, that, is the beauty of being a journalist – expect the unexpected, able to work under pressure, meet people from all walks of life and listen to their words/stories, to name a few.

Eventhough I am only attached with this company for internship purpose for a very short time, I have learned and acquired a lot more than I thought I would be.

Being an English major undergraduate, I have zero journalism know-how but the Newsdesk has provided me with endless chances to grow as both a writer and a person. It was indeed very challenging for me but I am glad that I was able to overcome it as I constantly showed my eagerness to learn from my seniors and the experiences that I was exposed to.

It was quite challenging as I have to keep up with how fast the industry is moving!

So, do not give up when things seem to be difficult. Initially, it does look so, but, it will become easier if you are willing to take a step forward.

For me, since the first day of my internship programme, I have relied on to this quote – “Every day is a new day at work.”

It was, it is and it will be for anyone who is and/or will be planning to join this leading English daily in Malaysia.

So, if you think you have got what it takes to be a journalist, just go for it! Do not doubt yourself. It will be much, much more than you can ever imagine.

Learn and grow, and The Star will be there to guide you.


Teoh Xiu Jong, 24
Bachelor of English with Communications (Hons)
Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Terengganu, Malaysia