Should there be no active medical cases requiring funding, donations will be placed under the general Medical Fund Programme to be utilised for the next qualified patient.
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Terms & Conditions

  1. All donations will be in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) only.
  2. We accept donations by way of telegraphic transfer of funds (e-banking), cheque, or credit/debit card only. Please see below for further information on the various donation methods:
    1. If by way of Telegraphic Transfer of Funds (e-banking): -
      Bank: Public Bank Berhad
      Account Name: Star Foundation – Medical Fund
      Account Number: 3199849230
      Please refer to Item 3 to complete donation process.
    2. If by way of Cheque: - Cheque made payable to: Star Foundation - Medical Fund. Please refer to Item 3 to complete donation process.
    3. If by way of Credit/Debit Card: -
      Please complete the Donation Form above and click Proceed to be directed to our payment processing gateway supported by iPay88.Please be mindful that in the event any interest and/or processing fee is imposed by the banks and/or financial institution, such interest and/or processing fee will be borne by the donors.
  3. If you require a tax exemption receipt, kindly ensure you have completed the Medical Fund - Donation Form (For issuance of tax-exempt receipt). Only fully completed Donation Forms will be processed and issued tax exemption receipts.
  4. Upon successful processing of your donations, a tax exemption receipt will be dispatched via post to your mailing address as provided in the Donation Form or payment gateway site. In the event you have not received the tax exemption receipt after sixty (60) days from the date of payment, kindly contact Star Foundation via email at
  5. If you wish to donate by way of foreign fund transfer or credit/debit card issued by a foreign bank/financial institution, you will be charged according to your base currency at the prevailing rate set by your bank/financial institution.
  6. Kindly take note that all donations are not refundable.
  7. Star Foundation may redirect or donate any excess or unutilised donations to the next qualified patient under the Medical Fund Programme.