Star Golden Hearts Award is an annual Award by The Star and Yayasan Gamuda that celebrates everyday Malaysians who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to social work and promote unity among Malaysians, whether through explicit means or by virtue of their acts of kindness.
Introduced in 2015, each year we invite Malaysians to nominate exemplary individuals or organisations who are then reviewed by a panel of judges. Of these nominations, ten winners are selected and among them, one winner will be awarded the coveted Star-Gamuda Inspiration Award.
Star Golden Hearts Award 2019 is now open for nominations.
Do you have an extraordinary person or organisation in mind who deserves recognition? Nominate them here.
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Star Golden Hearts Award 2018 Winners

  1. UmieAktif – Star-Gamuda Inspiration Award Winner
  2. Efinity Social Enterprise
  3. Suka Society
  4. The Tuyang Initiative
  5. Friends of Bukit Gasing
  6. Cancerfly Networks
  7. Sia Siew Chin
  8. Dentistry For The Needy
  9. Suri Inspirasi
  10. Masala Wheels

*All nominations were reviewed by the Award committee for eligibility and the Judges’ decision is final.

6 July 2019
PETALING JAYA: Voluntary worker Dr Aizan Sofia Amin is a firm believer in the saying “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”.Aizan Sofia, who lost her right leg to bone cancer at 16, refuses to let her physical disability stop her from dedicating her time, resources and energy to volunteer for humanitarian activities.
1 July 2019
PETALING JAYA: It was music to Malini Nageswaran’s ears when her students confidently presented a variety of songs in front of their friends during a performance.
28 June 2019
SEREMBAN: For Ruzita Abd Aziz, there is nothing more devastating than seeing children of widowed mothers being forced to skip school and live in deplorable conditions.
24 June 2019
PETALING JAYA: Past winners of Star Golden Hearts Award took no breaks after winning. Instead, they have gone on to do more impactful work by leveraging on the recognition and exposure received as award winners.
20 June 2019
PETALING JAYA: Social work must not be done without taking the time to understand the true needs of the target groups they are helping.
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